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  • Blue Plate Kitchen

At BLUE PLATE KITCHEN, we want to share with you our passion for great food & 'drink. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as brunch on the weekends. Featuring modern comfort food, we work hard to source food that is fresh, local and sustainable. We are passionate about farm-to-table produce and dairy, all natural meats, and dock to chef sustainable seafood. Our full-service bar also features local beers & spirits. We are a neighborhood restaurant committed to great food, great service and great drink. Join us...

BPK Blog

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    The Blue Plate Story

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  • 10% Local Pledge

    10% Local Pledge

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  • Keeping It Local

    Keeping It Local
    In no particular order, here are a few of the local farms and artisans that we work with: Rosedale Farms & Lrchards, Boticello Farms, Maple Lane Farms, Cecarelli Farms, Belltown Hill Orchards, Firefly Farms, Tobacco Road Farm, Mountain Dairy Farms, Westford Hill Distilleries, Onyx Moonshine, City Steam Brewery, Hooker Brewery, Hartford Baking Co, Bogner Meats, Longhini Sausage Co., Liuzzi Cheeses, Brioni Coffee, Farmer's Cow, Dragon's Blood Elixir Hot Sauce... and a whole lot more!

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    Growing up in a big family (I'm the middle of 7), family dinner was always a big deal. Being present at the table was pretty much expected, unless there was a major conflict. When friends were over, they too gathered at table with us. There were no TV dinners or dinners on the run. We ate together, cooked together, cleared the dishes and cleaned up together. And at table is where we caught up, talked and stayed connected. There would be questions about school. Discussions about the Red Sox. Updates on uncles and aunts and cousins.

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Sweet Treats

*Blackboard Desserts Today* - check out our blackboard for daily specials

*Mile High Carrot Cake* - walnuts / pineapple / cream cheese frosting - $8

*Your Own Chocolate Cream Pie* - BPK made plaky crust / fresh whipped cream - $8

*Pop-on-Over Sundae* - hot popover / vanilla bean ice cream / hot caramel / hot fudge / whipped cream (Dinner Only) - $7

*Lisa's Pie* - coconut ice cream / macaroons / chocolate cookie crust / toasted coconut / hot fudge drizzle - $8

*Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie* -  vanilla bean ice cream / hot fudge / fresh whipped cream - $8

*Chocolate Cake* - (gluten free) chocolate fudge center / chocolate fudge icing / vanilla bean ice cream - $8

*Classic Root Beer Float* - $6

*Vanilla Bean Ice Cream or Coconut Ice Cream* - $5

*Milkshakes or Malt in the tin* - $7






Two Eggs Your Way / Home Fries / Choice of Toast

Available Monday thru Friday 7 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Free if not served within 10 minutes-certain restrictions apply
Not available with other discounts or for take out
No substitutions



All Include a cup of soup

Monday- Chicken Caesar Wrap/cabbage slaw

Tuesday- Fish and Chips/tartar sauce

Wednesday- Buffalo Chicken Wrap/cabbage slaw

Thursday- BPK Fried Chicken and waffle

Friday- Marcho Farms Meatball Flatbread

Available Monday-Friday 11:30 a.m. -2 p.m.

Free if not served within 10 minutes-certain restrictions apply
Not available with other discounts or for take out

No substitutions


We've got great stuff going on all week! Monday - Thursday choose from an excellent new Blue Plate dish!


  • Community Night! We would love to host your local non-profit and donate 10% of generated sales to your group! Contact Anthony at anthony@bpkwesthartford.com for details and to book your group.
  • Fish 'n Chips - onion strings, corn fritters, cabbage slaw, tartar sauce.
  • Lunch Time Special (11:30am to 2pm): Get a free beer with your lunch when you sit at the bar top! (some restrictions apply)


  • Clam Bake - clams, boiled potatoes, corn on the cob, corn bread, cabbage slaw.
  • Lunch Time Special (11:30am to 2pm): Get a free beer with your lunch when you sit at the bar top! (some restrictions apply)


  • BPK Famous Fried Chicken 'n Waffles - house salad on the side
  • Lunch Time Special (11:30am to 2pm): Get a free beer with your lunch when you sit at the bar top! (some restrictions apply)


  • Di Fiore Spaghetti and Marcho Farms pork, veal and beef mega meatballs - house salad. 
  • Lunch Time Special (11:30am to 2pm): Get a free beer with your lunch when you sit at the bar top! (some restrictions apply)


  • Last "Happiest Hours" of the Week! $3 City Steam Pints (ask about our selection), $3 Bar Bites, $4 glasses of wine (ask about our selection) and $5 classic cocktails. Available 4-6pm everywhere in the restaurant and 4-7 at the bar top. 



  • "Wine Down Sundays" - 1/2 priced bottles of wine all day (starting at 4PM)


Our Blackboard Specials feature the most local, seasonal, fresh & sustainable ingredients we can get our hands on. It is also where our our chefs get to be creative and have fun with some great ingredients.

Here are some examples of our Blackboard features.
Like us on Facebook to keep up on our daily specials!


Buying Local

We're proud of the local farms and companies we buy from. Here's who some of them are:

  • Red's Best
  • Gulf Shrimp Co.
  • Connecticut Shellfish
  • Rosedale Farms
  • Bats out of Bedlam Maple Syrup
  • Brionis Coffee
  • Bliss Family Farms Dairy
  • Mountain Dairy
  • Farmers Cow
  • Hartford Baking Co.
  • Mitlisky Eggs
  • Maple Lane Farms
  • Boticello Farms
  • Belltown Orchards
  • Bogner's Quality Meats
  • Buells Orchards
  • Lyman Orchards
  • Cecarelli Farms
  • CT Farm Fresh Express
  • Devil's Blood Elixir Hot Sauce
  • City Steam Beer
  • Hooker Brewery
  • Onyx Moonshine
  • Westford Hills Distillery
  • and many more...

Our Philosophy

At Blue Plate Kitchen in West Hartford, we have a simple philosophy when it comes to the food.



You cannot produce great food unless you start with great raw products. We work hard to source the best local, seasonal, sustainable products. This means focusing on farm-to-table produce, dock-to chef seafood, all-natural meats, artisan cheeses, and working with great purveyors.


Our purveyors, suppliers, local artisans, farmers and fishermen, aren’t just business relationships but partners with us in our business. We value these relationships and think we are stronger because of their knowledge, experience, commitment and passion. While we are a scratch kitchen, when we find a local partner making a great product and committed to the same standards we are, we happily will use their products to deliver great end-results to our guests. Whether a locally produced farmhouse cheese, a world-class bagel or rye bread, a local coffee roaster, or artisan meat smoker… we are proud to have these people on our team and to serve their products.


All things being equal, local is better. We believe that local is better for a variety of reasons -- freshness, traceability, and seasonality. But also we believe that local is better because it is environmentally more sound and sustainable, it strengthens are local economy, and is simply the right thing to do. That said, “local” is relative. There is the local bakery across the street or farm a vew miles from the restaurant. But local includes farmers and purveyors throughout Connecticut, New England, etc. We try and source fish from Boston, Connecticut and New York. Much of our produce comes from New Jersey up to Maine (with large amounts in season being Connecticut-grown). While Connecticut has wonderful cheeses, so does upstate New York, Vermont, etc. Our philosophy is stay local, closer is better, and when you can’t source locally, find a purveyor who shares our values and commitment to their “local”.


We have a responsibility to our guests, staff and community to serve “ethical food”. This means that sustainability is not simply a buzz word, but a reality we must wrestle with. Environmental impact, carbon footprints, recycling, fair trade, paying our workers fairly, etc… these are critical issues for us as a business and restaurant.


We want to serve simple, contemporary comfort food. Bold flavors, fresh ingredients, simple presentations. Eating out should be fun and satisfying, not pretentious and stuffy.


The emerging “slow food movement” is all about the opposite of fast food -- our food is locally sourced, often cooked the old-fashioned way -- slowly braised, roasted on our rotisserie, slow-smoked, etc. We are a scratch kitchen --- we cook to order, prepare our foods and sauces in small batches, and generally cook like your grandmother used to. Does that sometimes mean our food takes a little longer? Yes, and we are totally okay with that. And does that sometimes mean that we run out of items? Yes, and we are totally okay with that too.


We have no interest in being a “health food” restaurant, but we want our food to wholesome, healthy and respectful of the choices our guests make. While there is no way to make a great pastrami sandwich that isn’t full of fat (that is what makes it taste great!), our pastrami needs to be made from high quality beef. We also want to give as much attention and commitment to quality to our guests who are vegetarians, have certain allergies or other special dietary needs.


The good news is that “local, farm-to-table and sustainable” food has now graduated from just being at a few restaurants or a marketing buzz word to a cultural shift in how consumers, chefs and restaurateurs think about food. However, too often, this movement has been seen almost exclusively in either expensive, fine dining restaurants or small niche mom-and-pop places (also often expensive). We want to deliver excellent, wholesome and responsible food that is also affordable and delivers on value.


Great cooking is really about two factors: start with great product and properly apply the right cooking method. We are obsessed about proper execution of our food and service. We make a priority out of training our staff, providing professional development, and working hard every day to get better at what we do. That is our promise and commitment to our guests and our partners.

Zach Andews, Head Chef



Join the BPK Team

One of our goals at BPK is to the employer of choice within the hospitality industry within our community. We are always looking for passionate and skilled professionals to join our team.

See our open positions below.


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Myles Walsh, General Manager


Shannon Neron, Executive Chef


Bryan Burke, Sous Chef




Parking is also available behind Blue Plate Kitchen. You may access the top patio area and entrance to our restaurant by using the stairs or taking the glass elevator.

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We accept reservations for dinner service 4pm - close

For our popular breakfast & brunch services: CALL AHEAD SEATING: Please call ahead 30 minutes before your anticipated arrival and we will put you on the call ahead list and give you an estimate of when you will be seated.


  • Breakfast: Daily 7AM
  • Late for Breakfast: 11:00AM - 4pm
  • Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30AM - 4PM
  • Brunch: Sat 9AM - 4PM & Sun 11AM - 4PM
  • Dinner: Daily starting at 4PM
    •    Mon-Thurs Kitchen closes at 9pm
    •    Fri & Sat kitchen closes at 10pm
    •    Sun kitchen closes at 8pm 

Happiest Hours: Mon-Fri 4-6pm Available everywhere in restaurant & on patio in season (all the way until 7pm at BAR TOP)

Memorial Day Hours: Monday 5/31 - Breakfast and Brunch will be served 7am - 3pm